So E-hyun

Korean actress So E-hyun. [KEYEAST]

Yoon Je-moon

Korean actor Yoon Je-moon. [TenAsia]


Korean actress So E-hyun and actor Yoon Je-moon have confirmed to join Hallyu star Park Yuchun’s upcoming TV drama.

So will play the female lead opposite to Park and Yoon will play the supporting character in SBS’s new drama, tentatively titled “Three Days,” each of their agencies, namely KEYEAST and Namoo Actors, said on Wednesday.

So’s character is intelligent bodyguard Lee Cha-young in the Office of the Presidential Security, who has cold looks and level-headed judgement.

Yoon, the villain in Lee Seung-gi’s MBC drama “The King 2 Hearts,” takes on the Korean presidential residence’s top secretary Shin Gyu-jin, the second-in-command at the Blue House.

Early this month, Park Yuchun confirmed to portray elite bodyguard named Han Tae-gyeong, who works for presidential security service and gets assigned to find the president who disappeared after three gunshots at his own villa.

The upcoming TV thriller will be penned by scriptwriter Kim Eun-hee of SBS’s “Sign” and “Phantom,” helmed by acclaimed producer Shin Gyeong-soo of “Deep Rooted Tree.”

Along with the drama’s another female lead Park Ha-sun of MBC’s thriller “Two Weeks,” the drama will soon begin its filming after fill up the casting boat, set to hit air next February,

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of KEYEAST