Kim Woo-bin

Korean actor Kim Woo-bin. [Lotte Entertainment]

Korean rising actor Kim Woo-bin’s debut film will hit North American theaters next month.

Kim’s upcoming action noir “Friend 2,” which opened in the local theaters on Thursday, has been sold to American distributor Dreamwest Pictures which is set to open the film in 20 US screens this December.

Dreamwest Pictures is the Korean movie specialized distributor who has distributed Kim Soo-hyun’s “Secretly Greatly” and Lee Jong-suk’s “The Face Reader.”

“Friend 2,” the sequel to 2001 box office smash “Friend” with its delicate portray of Korean modern history and thrilling stories, has been also sold its distribution rights to Taiwan and Japan.

Nikkatsu Corporation, Japanese distributor of “Friend 2,” rated high on the film that, “The delicate direction of the director [KT Gwak] stands out in the movie with much color of authentic gangster film. It is a rare masterpiece out of Korean films.”

The much-anticipated sequel will center on Joon-seok (Yoo Oh-sung), who went to jail after hiring a hit man to kill his friend Dong-soo (Jang Dong-gun) in the first installation, after released from prison 17 years later.

Kim Woo-bin, who is busying with his role on SBS’s teenage romcom “The Inheritors” and emcee job on Mnet’s music show “M! CountDown,” takes on Dong-soo’s hidden son and Joon-seok’s right-hand man named Sung-hoon.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Lotte Entertainment