K-pop group SHINHWA member Andy. [JTBC]

K-pop group SHINHWA member Andy has decided to step down from the group’s self-titled TV show “Shinhwa Broadcasting” after involved in a charge of illegal gambling.

Andy’s agency TOP Media announced the official position of Andy through its official website on Thursday, “We extend our apology to worry numerous fans who support Andy with a shameful thing.”

“Andy reflects deeply on the investigation result and what he did. He has decided to cease further official activities and take time for self-reflection-and-examination,” TOP Media went on, “We delivered his will to the producing crew of the shows he is appearing in.”

An official with JTBC explained that, “We’ve already taped episodes for two weeks so we can’t avoid Andy to appear on until the December 1 episode. We’re going to edit out Andy’s part as much as we can.”

On Tuesday, the K-pop star’s agency admitted that Andy was examined by the prosecution last month with a charge of illegal gambling by betting big through illegal online gambling website.

Popular TV celebrities Lee Soo-geun, Tak Jae-hoon, Tony An, who is former member of ‘90s top K-pop group H.O.T, and Boom have been reported to have gone through the examination by the prosecution with the same charge.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of JTBC