Korean songstress YoonA of Girls’ Generation on the set of KBS’s series “Premier and I” (translated title). [KBS]

YoonA of K-pop queens Girls’ Generation has turned an adorable paparazzi on the set of her new TV series.

KBS’s upcoming drama “Premier and I” (translated title)’s promoter Dramatic Talk released on Friday photos of YoonA filming her scenes as hot-blooded reporter Nam Da-jung, who is busying with her duty night and day.

“It would be a great asset for me to star in ‘Premier and I.’ I’ll take one step up with this drama and become a trusted actor by devoting myself in it,” the K-pop star showed off her confidence in a press release.

Opposite to actor Lee Bum-soo of KBS’s “IRIS 2,” the idol star will turn into newbie reporter Nam Da-jung, who gets into a romantic scandal with new prime minister Gwon Yul (Lee), a single father of three children after losing his wife. Nam gets married with Gwon only to keep his position.

Co-starring Yoon Si-yoon, Chae Jung-ahn and Ryoo Jin, the new romantic comedy TV series is slated to hit the small screen in December as the follow-up to current series “Marry Him If You Dare.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of KBS