Kim Hyung-jun

Korean singer/actor Kim Hyung-jun. [S Plus Entertainment]

Korean singer/actor Kim Hyung-jun has renewed an exclusive management deal with his current agency.

Kim has resumed the deal with S Plus Entertainment which he has worked together for past three years, the agency announced on Thursday.

The new deal was made without any deposit from the sincere loyalty for each other, S Plus explained.

“Kim is an entertainer who has a right attitude to evolve himself along with is natural born talent. Thank for that sincerity, he could continue various activities as a singer and actor and radio VJ as four years,” said Seo Hee-chul, the director of the head quarters of S Plus.

Kim, who is currently starring in KBS daily series “Melody of Love,” is set to have South American tour concert in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador next January.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of S Plus Entertainment