Korean R&B vocalist Junggigo. [Starship X]

Korean R&B vocalist Junggigo has become the second R&B vocalist of SISTAR’s agency Starship Entertainment after K.Will.

Junggigo has signed an exclusive management deal with Starship X, an independent lable under Starship Entertainment, the rising K-pop agency announced on Wednesday.

As the second artist of Starship X after rapper Mad Clown, Junggigo became a part of Starship’s effort to expand its musical spectrum and produce various contents by collaborating and scouting outstanding K-pop artists.

“Mad Clown and SISTAR Soyou’s first project ‘Stupid in Love’ grabbed huge success. Junggigo will also bring cultural diverse in Starship X, more than a mere musical expansion,” an official with Starship Entertainment explained.

Junggigo, whose real name is Go Junggi, debuted in 2002 and cemented his name as one of the Korea’s most beloved featuring artists by working with local hip-hop stars Soul Dive, Eluphant, Epik High, Mad Clown, Dok2 and The Quiett.

The R&B artist has been admitted musical talent by winning the Best R&B Soul Award at the 2012 Korean Music Awards with  his 2011 single “BLIND.” His upcoming record will be released early next week.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Starship Entertainment