Ko So-young

Actress Ko So-young on the set of MBC documentary “Dream of Mother.” [MBC]

Actress Ko So-young has set out to support single moms through MBC special documentary.

Ko will star in MBC’s special documentary “Dream of Mother” (translated title), slated to hit air on Thursday 6:20 p.m. in Korea time, the channel said on Tuesday.

The actress, who had made continuous donation to single moms and to-be-adoptees after married with actor Jang Dong-gun in 2010, volunteered at a care center and became a good mentor of single mothers this August.

“I came to know that single moms are just like me who still has dream as an actress and designer even after becoming a mom,” The mother of one son said, “It feels sorry that they became mothers in such young ages but it is fairly admirable and amazing to raise a baby.”

The documentary about single moms’ struggle and effort to be good mothers is directed by filmmaker Shin Soo-won of award-winning film “Pluto.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of MBC