[PHOTO] Jung Woo-sung's Deep Eyes

Korean actor Jung Woo-sung. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye-jung]

Korean movie actor Jung Woo-sung will celebrate his 20th debut anniversary in a special way.

Korean Film Archive, Korea’s governmental film archive which also runs cinematheque named KOFA, will host a special film program which screens Jung’s representative film works in his 20 years’ career at the KOFA from December 10 to 22.

Titled “Youth, the Name that Makes Heart Beats: Jung Woo-sung Special Screenings,” the upcoming program will screen Jung’s 16 films from his 1994 debut movie “The Fox with Nine Tails” to 2013 hit thriller “Cold Eyes.”

Next Weekend, the 40-year-old actor will also meet and greet the audiences after the screening of his two most beloved films “Cold Eyes” and 1997 film “Beat,” which made him Korea’s answer to James Dean.

Along with the film screenings, Korean Film Museum, located in the same building with the KOFA, will exhibit Jung’s costumes and props he used in “Cold Eyes.”


Jung Woo-sung

The poster of Korean film actor Jung Woo-sung’s special screening at the KOFA in Seoul, Korea from December 10 to 22, 2013. [Korean Film Archive]

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Korean Film Archive