King's Family

Main cast members of KBS’s drama series “King’s Family.” [KBS]

KBS series “King’s Family” has achieved the 14th straight win atop weekly TV charts.

The 50-part family drama scooped up one more ratings crown atop AGB Nielson Media Research’s (Nielson Korea) weekly TV chart during the week of December 2 and 8 with an average viewership of 34.3, the chart showed on Monday.

Recording a rise of 2.1 percent from the previous week’s figure, “King’s Family” is grabbing more and more attention despite of its unreasonable settings and storylines, which became the ground of some TV critics’ criticism.

Sitting at the No. 2 spot is KBS’s weekdays series “Melody of Love,” which kept its runner-up place with an average mark of 24.9 percent, while SBS’s teenage romcom “The Inheritors” stayed at number three with an average viewership of 22.7 percent.

MBC’s daily drama series “Princess Aurora,” another target of TV critics with its absurd stories, soared up to No. 4 with an average rating of 19.3 percent.

The same channel’s historic epic “Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers” rounded off the top five after drawing in an average of 18.4 percent last week.

Other TV shows much beloved last week were KBS’s primetime news “KBS 9 o’clock News,” KBS’s daily drama “The Ruby Ring,” Sunday comedy show “Gag Concert,” MBC’s new weekend series “Golden Rainbow” and KBS’s morning soap “TV Novel: Eunhui.”

In the meantime, TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistic) showed the top three programs in the same order yet different figures from Nielsen Korea’s ratings survey for last week.

“King’s Family” grabbed the top seed with an average rating of 34.1 percent, while “Melody of Love” and “The Inheritors” followed the next two spots with average scores of 26.4 and 21.6, respectively.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of KBS