Korean idol group BEAST member Lee Gi-kwang (right) and rookie actress Lee Dain. [CJ E&M]

Korean boy idol Lee Gi-kwang of BEAST and rookie actress Lee Dain have turned adorable for upcoming mobile drama series.

CJ E&M’s four-part UHD drama “Twenty” has released a snippet of the two start cast members through a press release on Monday.

The still image showed the on-screen couple’s mischievous looks, such as the BEAST member putting his hand on Dain’s head and the twosome make cute faces together to the camera.

In the drama set to be filmed in super-high definition 4K devices, Lee will play idol star Gi-kwang who falls in romance with his middle school alumni Hye-rim (Lee Dain), the never-been-dating-before college student.

The upcoming series will be available on mobile application Cacao Page next Thursday.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of CJ E&M