Starship planet

Starship Entertainment’s artists K.Will, SISTAR and BOYFRIEND members. [Starship Entertainment]

K-pop agency Starship Entertainment’s artists will treat a sweet winter love song to K-pop listeners this week.

SISTAR, K.will and BOYFRIEND is set to release their 2013 winter song “SNOW CANDY” this Friday noon KST, Starship Entertainment said on Wednesday.

The same day, the music company also released the cover of three K-pop acts, nicknamed “Starship Planet,” participating in a classic winter party donning black suits and white dresses.

Co-produced by singer/songwriter The Name and producer Megatone, “SNOW CANDY” is a song with a warm winter feelings and heartwarming acoustic sounds, accompanied by strong string sounds.

Before its official release two days later, Starship will pre-unveil the sweet tune through their official Facebook page on Thursday midnight KST.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Starship Entertainment