K-pop artist PSY (center) on the cover of his second global single “GENTLEMAN.” [YG Entertainment]

PSY, a K-pop dance sensation to the famed world star, has continued to prove his popularity on the world’ biggest video streaming platform.

The music video of PSY’s “GENTLEMAN” has been chosen as the Top Trending Music Videos of 2013 at YouTube’s year-end recap “YouTube Rewind 2013,” announced on Wednesday in local time.

After the hilariously funny video of PSY’s global hit single “Gangnam Style” was honored with the same title last year, the global super star proved his overwhelming popularity second year in a row.

While the “Gangnam Style” video has surpassed 1.84 billion hits, which is the never-been-before record in the history of YouTube, the “GENTLEMAN” video is soon to hit 600 million views, which is the biggest hit among music videos release this year.

Meanwhile, PSY and “GENTLEMAN” also topped a total of six categories on Billboard’s year-end special awards, namely “Dance/Electronic Streaming Songs Artist,” “Rap Streaming Songs Artist,” “World Digital Songs Artist,” “Dance/Electronic Streaming Songs,” “Rap Streaming Songs” and “World Digital Songs.”

The musician will heat up local concertgoers through his upcoming Seoul concert, dubbed “Gymnastics in the Moonlight,” starting next Friday for four days.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of YG Entertainment