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Clockwise from top left, K-pop agency Big Hit Entertainment artists Lim Jeong-hee, Rap Monster of BTS, Jo Kwon of 2AM, Jung Kook of BTS and Joo-hee of 8eight. [Big Hit Entertainment]

One more named K-pop agency has participated in the war of Christmas season songs this winter.

Big Hit Entertainment’s artists Jo Kwon of 2AM, Lim jeong-hee, Joo-hee of 8eight, Rap Monster and Jung Kook of BTS will release Christmas season song “Perfect Christmas” next Wednesday, the music company said on Friday.

Big Hit released a concept photo of the five artists through their official Twitter account and Facebook page on Thursday, raising the bar of the first-ever season song of Big Hit artists.

Written by Big Hit’s chief producer Bang Si-hyuk and Esna who composed Wheesung and Gummy’s “Special Love,” the upcoming season song is filled with romantic sentiments with wintery melody and piano sounds.

Other Christmas season songs released this winter by K-pop agencies included Jellyfish Entertainment’s “Winter Propose,” Starship Entertainment’s “Snow Candy” and Mystic 89’s “Christmas Wishes.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment