The Inheritors

Korean actors Park Shin-hye (left) and Lee Min-ho on the set of SBS drama “The Inheritors.” [SBS]

SBS’s series “The Inheritors” has closed its 20-part love and friendship stories atop Wednesday and Thursday TV charts, while “Medical Top Team” also excited the charts at the runner-up places.

“The Inheritors” scoped up the fourth ratings crown after drawing in an average of 25.0 percent of total viewers to its last two episodes, AGB Nielsen Media Research (Nielsen Korea) showed on Friday.

The star-studded teenage romance series displayed a happy ending by showing that Kim Tan’s father allowed Tan (Lee Min-ho) and Eun-sang (Park Shin-hye)’s relationships.

As the follow-up to the successful Hallyu drama, Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun’s new time-slip drama “You Came from the Stars” (translated title) will hit air from next Wednesday.

Inspired by a historical record of discovering UFO in 1609, the fiction romance drama will center on Do Min-jun (Kim), a man from outer space who has lived on Earth since four hundred years ago and Chun, a top celebrity called as “Goddess of Hallyu.”


K-pop group SHINee member Minho on the set of MBC's drama "Medical Top Team." [MBC]

K-pop group SHINee member Minho on the set of MBC’s drama “Medical Top Team.” [MBC]

MBC’s drama “Medical Top Team” also closed its curtains this week with an average viewership of only 5.5 percent.

Despite of its star cast members Kwone Sang-woo, Jung Ryeo-won, Ju Ji-hoon and even Minho of SHINee, the medical series failed to get much attention from TV viewers whose eyes caught on KBS’s previous series “Secret Love” and “The Inheritors.”

From next week, MBC will air new drama series “Miss Korea” starring Lee Sung-min, Lee Sun-kyun and Lee Yeon-hee.

The upcoming drama will center around middle-aged men who struggle to make an ordinary girl to be Korea’s beauty pageant, Miss Korea

Sitting at the bottom place on the chart was KBS’s series “Bel Ami,” which stumbled at the position for third week in a row with shocking 3.0 average percent of viewers in the same time frame.

Meanwhile, TNmS’ (Total National Multimedia Statistic) survey showed the three programs in the same order yet slightly lower figures from Nielsen Korea’s.

While “The Inheritors” made an honorable exit with an average rating of 22.7 percent, “Medical Top Team” and “Bel Ami” followed next two spots, each with average scores of 5.3 and 2.7, respectively.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of SBS, MBC