King's Family

The official poster of KBS’s weekend drama series “King’s Family.” [KBS]

KBS’s weekend drama series “King’s Family” has proved its kingly status for amazing 15th week in a row.

“King’s Family” continued to sit atop weekly TV charts for 15th week in a row after drawing in an average of 35.2 percent of total viewers during the week of December 9 and 16, AGB Nielson Media Research’s (Nielson Korea) showed on Monday.

The same channel’s weekly TV drama “Melody of Love” also secured its runner-up place with an average mark of 25.5 percent in the same time frame.

While SBS’s teenage romcom “The Inheritors” made glorious exit at the No. 3 position after attracting 25.0 percent of total viewers, MBC’s historic epic “Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers” jumped up to No. 4 with an average viewership of 19.9 percent.

Rounding off the top five is KBS’s daily primetime news show “KBS News 9,” which recorded an average mark of 19.8 percent.

Other programs much beloved last week were MBC’s daily series “Princess Aurora,” KBS’s comedy show “Gag Concert,” the same channel’s weekdays drama “The Ruby Ring,” MBC’s weekend series “Golden Rainbow” and the same channel’s Saturday variety show “Infinite Challenge.”

Meanwhile, TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistic) displayed the top three programs in the same order yet slightly different figures from Nielsen Korea’s ratings survey for last week.

“King’s Family” grabbed the top seed with an average rating of 35.4 percent, while “Melody of Love” and “The Inheritors” followed the next two spots with average scores of 25.6 and 23.0, respectively.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of KBS