Former girl group T-ara member Hwayoung. [Wellmade StarM]

Hwayoung, a former member of girl group T-ara, has found a new home after leaving the group in controversy last July.

Hwayoung has made an exclusive contract with Wellmade Starm, Korean actors’ agency which takes care of careers of Lee Jong-suk, Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Jun-hyuk, the company announced on Monday.

“We have decided to make the contract with Hwayoung with her potential as an actress. She is going to show new and various sides as an actor from now on,” an official with Starm was quoted as saying.

The idol-to-be-turned-actress spread the news through her official Twitter on Sunday, with her selfie and determination to restart her career.

Hwayoung, 19, made debut as new member of T-ara in 2010 and has continued vigorous activities until last July when she was embroiled in controversy that she became the target of bullying by other T-ara members.

Five days after the rumors began to flood online communities in Korea, the CEO of the group’s agency, Core Contents Media`s Kim Kwang-soo, announced that he decided to cut short the firm`s management contract with Hwayoung.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Wellmade Starm