[PHOTO] Lee Min-ho with a Bow Tie at “2013, Lee Min-ho Global Tour in Seoul”

Korean actor Lee Min-ho. [TenAsia]

Korean actor Lee Min-ho will make an appearance on China’s one of the hottest star-filled awards this weekend.

The top male star will heat up the 2013 Baidu The Hottest Awards, which will open its star-studded ceremony in Beijing on Sunday including congratulatory performance of rising K-pop boy group EXO.

Organized by China’s biggest search engine Baidu, the awards is the big gathering of top-tier stars of the Great China Region including Jackie Chan and Fan BingBing, which makes the participation of Lee Min-ho exceptional.

“Lee grabbed both popular appeal and fandom in Baidu.com’s search index,” an official with Baidu explained, “His overwhelming popularity makes him the primary star to cast on TV shows.”

His latest TV series “The Inheritors” nabbed overwhelming No. 1 in Korean drama category and his all the TV starrers are located in the top 12.

“He is set to fulfill hectic schedule of participating in interviews about ‘The Inheritors’ and catalogs and commercials until the end of the year. Next January, he is going to do a concert in Korea and prepping up for upcoming movie ‘Gangnam Blues’ (translated title) afterwards,” an official with Lee’s agency Starhaus Entertainment explained.

After heating up Singapore from Monday, Lee moved to Shanghai and join the filming of advertisements today.

Reporter. Cory Lee