Teen Top

K-pop idol group Teen Top members pose for 10+Star Magazine’s 2014 January edition. [10+Star]

K-pop boy band Teen Top is set to bring on the last dance battle in Korean entertainment magazine 10+Star.

Teen Top members turned street dancers and showed off their dancing skills as the cover model of the upcoming January edition of 10+Star, Korean entertainment media outlet TenAsia’s monthly magazine, set to be published this Friday.

The six Teen Top members, C.A.P, L. Joe, Changjo, Ricky, Niel and Chunji, exuded their charms in the concept of popular dance movie “Step Up,” as they show tight tension among themselves and various dance moves.

Especially Teen Top’s leader C.A.P received the fastest okay sign from the photographer with his skilled dance moves, 10+Star explained.

In the new edition of 10+Star, Teen Top member’s deep teamwork and their determination for new year as well as L.Joe’s songwriting story will be unveiled.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of 10+Star