Korean singer/actor IU on the cover of the third repackaged album “Modern Times – Epilogue.” [LOEN Entertainment]

Korean songstress IU has released the epilogue of her successful third studio album.

“Modern Times – Epilogue,” the repackaged album of her third full effort “Modern Times,” was released through online music distribution services Friday noon KST.

Including two new songs including her self-written tune “Friday,” the new record include 13 distinctive tunes in “Modern Times” and another new song “Crayon” (translated title). the original soundtrack to her current TV romantic comedy “Bel Ami.”

“Friday” is a tune with swing rhythm and addictive melody, featured by Jang Yi-jeong of HISTORY, singing about a pit-a-patting heart just before falling in love.

The music video of “Friday” was also released through the official YouTube channel of her agency LOEN Entertainment the same day.

Reporter, Cory Lee

Courtesy of LOEN Entertainment