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FNC, a pioneer in the idol band market and a new player in the drama producing business, is considered as one of the entertainment agencies which have stable profit system. Since established as FNC Music in June of 2006, the company has recorded noticeable growth in album producing, artist training and management, producing TV series’ original soundtracks and stage producing. In April of 2012, it changed the company’s name to FNC Entertainment and expanded boundaries to a general entertainment company. C.E.O Han Sung-ho, who first started career as singer, wrote songs for WheeSung and SG Wannabe, taking charge of numerous popular TV dramas, including “You’re Beautiful,” “On Air,” “City Hall,” Gentlemen’s Dignity” and “The Inheritors.”

The firm succeeded in combining idol and band, training their singers to become actors. It has been acknowledged that C.E.O Han and FNC has great ability to produce albums and look at successful dramas. They produced refreshing duet Romantic J from Juniel and Lee Jong-hyun of CNBLUE. Although it has been delayed due to Lee Hong-gi’s unexpected injury, the firm boasted out their strength by planning to hold ‘Family Concert,’ considered as only possible by big-sized companies.

This year, FNC jumped into the TV series producing business. The result was a little disappointing but it is expected that FNC would build skills and know-how shortly based on their outstanding producing abilities. Last year, girl group AOA made debut and numerous actors joined FNC. This year seems to have been the stage to grow inner strength, more than scouting or finding out more new talents. AOA’s sub-unit AOA Black also showed less-than-expected outcome, while FNC actors didn’t show ‘exploding’ performances. For example, Yoon Jin-seo starred in several movies, all of which are set to open next year. It looks like they take one step back to make two steps ahead.

To stretching itself to a big-sized agency, it is important to not only let its artists known but also make the company’s brand known, such as SM, YG and JYP. In that sense, it has been a successful year to promote the name of FNC. FNC’s color has been more vivid and the company’s risk management ability is also great as seen in CNBLUE and Crying Nut’s legal battle.

FNC, which prepares to get listed on the KOSDAQ, is estimated to have the most stable profit model. After putting their hands into the TV series producing, FNC artists are expected to have more varied boundaries to work. As well as the management business, FNC’s academy business will expand. Following the Hongdae branch and Gangnam branch, FNC Academy opened in the city of Daegu this year, expected to play a big role in finding and training new talents out of Seoul.

The company’s overseas expansion will be more varied next year. FNC will expand their boundaries to all over the world not only Japan. CNBLUE will stretch its arms across Asia to Mid and South America and North America. FTISLAND and AOA’s overseas activities will be continued and FNC China, the company’s subsidiary firm, will lead the company’s ‘China invasion.’

Reporter. Hwang Seong-woon jabongdo@tenasia.co.kr
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Editor. Cory Lee

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