More about Starhaus Entertainment

Stahaus Entertainment has been established by president Jang Yeong-hoon in March of 2006, taking care of careers of Lee Min-ho, Park Sol-mi, Shin Dong-mi rookies Jeong Seong-woon and Kwak Si-yang. Organized in five departments including artist management, global business, contents business, marketing department and the head of management support, Starhaus is planning to steadily expanding businesses sectors including drama producing and distribution, music producing and contents distribution. The designed business focuses on picture books and photo books, aiming at Lee Min-ho’s Hallyu marketability.

The growth of global business has been distinctive this year. The Hallyu promotion activities, which has targeted the Japanese market so far, switched its way to China. Different from existing Hallyu stars who are popular in China, Lee Min-ho proved his star quality even though he hasn’t actively worked in the country. His close connection with overseas fans through Weibo, Chinese answer to Twitter, and Facebook is also rated as good promotional strategy.

Therefore, what is worthy of notice is the social network service promotion targetting at overseas market. Lee’s Weibo account has surpassed 13 million followers, which was enabled that he kept on updating news in Chinese through the channel. His overall followers via Facebook and Naver’s mobile messenger Line reach 30 million in total. This tight communication came from the promotion philosophy that highly regards close connection and intimacy than mysticism that Starhaus’ president Jang Yeong-hoon insisted at the first place.

In the management division, the company has focused on slow expansion in the Hallyu market with Lee Min-ho rather than impractical extend. Starhaus’s rookie actors Jeong Seong-woon and Kawk Si-yang has also been receiving positive response in the industry.

Reporter. Bae Sun-young
Editor. Choi Jin-sil
Translator. Cory Lee
Editor. Cory Lee