Korean idol band 2PM members. [JYP Entertainment]

JJ Project

K-pop duo JJ Project members Jr. (left) and JB. [JYP Entertainment]


Major K-pop agency JYP Entertainment will debut a seven-member boy group next month, aiming at continuing success of 2PM.

An official with JYP Entertainment told TenAsia on Tuesday that, “a Seven-piece boy group will make a debut in January next year.”

JB and JR., members of JJ project who made debut with first single “Bounce” last May, will join the group formed of new members skilled at dance-acrobatics as well as singing and dancing.

Along with the group which aims at ‘post 2PM,’ JYP’s new five-member boy band 5live will also make debut after joining original soundtrack of KBS’s series “Bel Ami.”

Last week, JYP unveiled that a six-member girl group with outstanding looks is slated to make debut, in the first half of next year at the earliest.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment