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Established in 2008, TS Entertainment is an entertainment agency of rap duo Untouchable, girl group Secret, boy band B.A.P and actress Han Soo-yeon. The company concentrates on business sectors including music producing and management. Opening its Tokyo branch TS JAPAN in July of 2011, TS Entertainment is taking its step to grow as a global entertainment firm.

Without a big move to discover new talents, TS focused its abilities on global activities of B.A.P, who are in their second year of debut. But it succeeded in drawing curiosity by unveiling a member of soon-to-debut girl group Dohee, who joined Untouchable’s album. The strategy has been shown through B.A.P member Bang Yong-guk’s rap featuring in Secret Song Ji-eun’s 2011 single “Going Crazy” and Bang and Zelo’s pre-debut unit BANG & ZELO.

It also grabs attention that TS found musical color that matches well to their artists. B.A.P marked themselves as an idol with critical message to the soceity in “Badman,” the song about a war against social crime. Secret redefined themselves as cute girl group with “YooHoo” and “I Do I Do,” continuing the success of “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight.” Untouchable also broke from ‘sweet love song singing’ hip-hop group’s image and filled their new album with realistic lyrics.

In the global business sector, B.A.P achieved excellent results through Pacific Tour, official Japan debut and arena tour in the country.

About promotion and public relations, TS Entertainment developed aggressive marketing when releasing new DVDs of “B.A.P Pacific Tour” and the group’s arena tour. When Secret’s Jun Hyo-sung embroiled in mentioning in-word of controversial Internet community Ilbe, TS exhibited their risk management ability by making apologies right away.

In the management sector, TS increased its competence with in-house system that thoroughly managing from discovering new talents, training, producing, promoting and overseas activities through TS JAPAN.

Reporter. Park Soo-jeong soverus@tenasia.co.kr
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Editor. Cory Lee