Korean male group SHINHWA members. [SM Entertainment]

K-pop’s longest-running idol group SHINHWA members have decided to step down from their self-titled TV show in two weeks time.

SHINHWA’s agency Liveworks Company released the official statement Friday morning about cancelling the weekly TV show, which the idol group has laughed as shed tears from last March.

“We recently decided on cancelling the program with the producing crew of JTBC since the show is meaningless when two of the SHINHWA members are away, as seen in the title of the show,” SHINHWA members were quoted as saying.

After launching its second season last November without member Kim Dong-wan who had decided to focus on his musical, the remaining members has continued the show as four members without Andy, who stepped down from the show the same month after embroiled in a charge of illegal gambling.

The idol group went on to deliver that, “Yesterday, we finally decided to cancel ‘Shinhwa Broadcasting’ we have been in for last two years on January 19 next year, when the final episode will be aired.”

“As SHINHWA is only formed with the six members, we thought it is quite hard on the remaining four members [Eric, Hyesung, Minwoo, Jun Jin] to continue ‘Shinhwa Broadcasting.’ We appreciate all the support and affection you’ve showed for the TV show,” an official with Liveworks added.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Liveworks Company