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Will Entertainment was established by president Son Ji-hyun in October 2011. Possessed its 75 percent of share by its parent company Soribada, the agency is considered to be financially solid and has stable management system. Since scouting E Ji-ah last March, Will Entertainment has been joined by big name actors Ryu Su-young, Yu In-young, Lee Bo-young, Choi Jung-won, Kang So-ra and Kim Ok-vin as well as trained rookie actors Choi Ju-hee, Jang Eui-soo and Yeo Ho-min, raising a disturbance in the entertainment industry with its short-term yet big rise.

When Will Entertainment focused on scouting more talents and expanding its business infra this year, Will’s plan for 2014 is training new faces and expanding boundaries of its existing talents. Actively supporting their newbie actors Choi Ju-hee, Jang Eui-soo, Choi Jung-won and Go Du-rim, Will Entertainment is aiming at making their actors have the next star’s status. The company is also set to broaden their actors boundaries and let them make a new leap, such as Jin Yi-han who is showing charismatic yet sweet charm in MBC’s period-set drama “Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers.”

The company’s skilled artist management already shined this year in that the firm gave their undervalued artists a chance to remake their image. Ryu Su-young, who has starred in over 20 TV dramas including “Ojakgyo Brothers,” “My Princess” and “The Sons,” finally met his second golden age after joining Will Entertainment and starring “Real Man” and “Two Weeks.” E Ji-ah, who slew down her activities for a while, came back to the small screen and displayed impressive acting skills on SBS’s “A Woman Married Three Times.”

The promotion and public relations department has been aggressive this year. When Ryu Su-young’s 2011 series “Ojakgyo Brothers” received nice response in Japan, Will Entertainment contacted agencies in Japan and succeeded to mark Ryu as the next Hallyu star. E Ji-ah, who had suffered from issues and rumors from her past marriage with ‘90s K-pop icon Seo Tae-ji, joined Will Entertainment and then made successful comeback as an actress. The promotion tactic to match an actor’s image and character was also noticeable, which was shown in the case of Yu In-young, who has been chosen as the global cover model of cosmetic brand Elizabeth Arden.

Will Entertainment’s actors will now be more seen in the overseas activities. Along with Ryu Su-young who is working on to have a fan event in Japan, Kang So-ra is learning Chinese and revving up for activities in China.

Will Entertainment’s stable capital and organized business system, deprived from its parental company and Korean online music distribution service Soribada’s, was linked to its increase in sales and stability in working environment. Aiming at making the company “where actors, managers and staff all want to work for,” the firm is expected to make the continuous growth in the future.

Reporter. Kim Gwang-kuk realjuki@tenasia.co.kr
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Editor. Cory Lee