Yoon Kye-sang

Korean actor Yoon Kye-sang. [TenAsia]

Han Ji-hye

Korean actress Han Ji-hye. [WayzCompany]


Korean actors Yoon Kye-sang and Han Ji-hye have been cast in a new KBS series.

After Yoon confirmed to take on the lead role earlier, Han has also decided to portray the female lead of upcoming KBS drama, tentatively titled “Red Sun,” the drama’s promoter 3HW said on Monday.

Yoon will describe a man named Jung Sero, the pure student who later becomes a notorious dealer after losing everything from a Thai gun accident, and Han takes on jewelry designer Han Yeong-won who locked up herself in tragedy after losing her fiance from a diamond robbery happened in Thai.

An official with the drama’s producing crew said that, “Han Ji-hye and her character is expected to make a perfect synergy. Han’s pure charm will highlight the character’s personality.”

Written by renowned writer Huh Seong-hye of movie “All About My Wife,” the upcoming Monday and Tuesday drama series will air on February 10 as a follow-up to current series “Prime Minister & I.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Wayz Company