Kim Jeong-hoon

Korean singer/actor Kim Jeong-hoon on the poster of Korean thriller pic “Wild Dogs” (translated title). [Golden Tide Pictures]

Korean male star Kim Jeong-hoon is soon to come back to the big screen with R-rated thriller movie.

“Wild Dogs,” starring Kim and veteran actor Myung Gye-nam, has confirmed its release date to January 23, the film’s distribution firm Golden Tide Pictures said on Thursday.

The thriller movie will center around third-grade reporter So Yoo-jun (Kim), who came to an isolated town to kill his rival in love and the head of the village Jang Ki-no (Myung), who kept strict watch against So.

The 33-year-old singer/actor will turn into senseless bad man and exude charisma in the film, different from his sweet and soft charms which has been showed in TV dramas “Princess Hours,” “Witch Yoo Hee,” “In Need of Romance” and “My Daughter the Flower.”

Kim most recently starred in Chinese TV series “踮起脚尖吻到爱,” the 27-part drama about romance between a country girl and Asian top model.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Golden Tide Pictures