K-pop boy group SHINee member Onew. [SM Entertainment]

Onew, boy group SHINee’s talented vocalist, has lent his one and only sweet voice to MBC’s series “Miss Korea.”

Onew’s “Moonlight,” the first-to-be-released original soundtrack of “Miss Korea,” will hit online music distribution websites Friday noon KST, according to the singer’s agency SM Entertainment the same day.

“Moonlight” is a sweet love theme song which Onew’s sentimental voice and acoustic sound are in harmony, first unveiled in the fourth episode of “Miss Korea” aired last week.

The solo tune will play the role to revive forgotten romantic feelings between the drama’s two leading characters, namely would-be Korea’s beauty pageant queen Ji-young (Lee Yeon-hee) and her first love and now ‘Miss Korea’ maker Hyung-jun (Lee Seon-kyun).

“Miss Korea,” which hit MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday prime time slot, centers around middle-aged men who struggle to make an ordinary girl to be Korea’s beauty pageant, Miss Korea.

Reporter. Cory lee

Courtesy of SM Entertainment