K-pop idol group 2PM member Wooyoung. [TenAsia/ Paeng Hyun-joon]

Park Se-young

Korean actress Park Se-young. [TenAsia/ Paeng Hyun-joon]


Top idol group 2PM member Wooyoung and rookie actress Park Se-young are set to enjoy virtual marriage life through MBC’s popular variety show.

According to TV professionals on Thursday, Wooyoung and Park Se-young have been chosen as the new couple of MBC’s “We Got Married” and participated in the first taping.

Along with current “We Got Married” couples Jung Jun-young and Jung Yoo-mi as well as Lee So-yeon and Yoonhan, the new couple will lead the long-running variety show, replacing SHINee Taemin and A PINK Son Na-eun couple.

Park Se-young, the heroin of KBS’s 2013 weekdays series “A Tale of Two Sisters,” will mark her first appearance on a TV variety show.

An official with the program said, “Different from her cold image shown in ‘School 2013,’ Park is actually off the wall sometimes. That charming point of her will be unveiled through the chemistry between the two stars.”

Reporter. Cory Lee
Photographer. Paeng Hyun-joon pangpang@tenasia.co.kr