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K-pop entertainment agency FNC Entertainment artists will share love in school-building project for African children.

FNC Entertainment created a CSR department named “Love FNC” and began charity project  to build the firm’s third school with their artists, the agency said on Friday.

FNC artists’ former goodwill project included ‘FTISLAND Library’ in Cote d’Ivoire, ‘CNBLUE School’ in Burkina Faso and the second ‘CNBLUE School’ in the Philippines where CNBLUE donated contribution for its building.

As their artists FTISLAND, CNBLUE, Juniel, AOA and actors Park Gwang-hyun, Song Eun-I, Lee Dong-gun and Yoon Jin-seo agreed to make cooperation for the establishment of the third school, FNC will keep the good-hearted move in needy countries.

As the first step of the project, FNC artists have released cherished things through Korean portal website Naver’s goodwill campaign Happy bean.

The items include FTISLAND’s stage costumes, signed instruments, outfits and CNBLUE’s outfits including Jung Yong-hwa and Kang Min-hyuk’s self-worn items in their TV dramas “Marry Him If You Dare” and “The Inheritors.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment