Korean boy group Super Junior’s member Lee Teuk. [Musical 625]

Kings of K-pop Super Junior member Lee Teuk has suffered huge grief over unexpected death of his father and grandparents.

According to officials on Monday, Lee Teuk was known to hurry up to Seoul the same day after hearing that his father, grandfather and grandmother have been deceased.

While the police is inquiring into the cause of death, their group memorial altar has been set in Korea University’s Guro Hospital in Seoul. The coffin will be borne out on Wednesday.

His fellow idol stars Dujun of BEAST, Lee Hong-gi of FTISLAND, Jo Kwon of 2AM, Soohyun of U-KISS, Chansung of 2PM came to pay their respects and expressed their regret over Lee Teuk’s loss through their official Twitter accounts Monday.

The 30-year-old idol star has been on active mandatory military service since October 2012, assigned to a forward unit after celebrity soldier unit was abolished.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Musical 365