Kim Woo-bin

Korean actor Kim Woo-bin (top and bottom). [MBC]

Rising actor Kim Woo-bin has unveiled a good felling toward girl group f(x) member Krystal, the co-star of his recent starrer “The Inheritors.”

Tuesday afternoon, Kim appeared on MBC’s radio show “Date at 2 p.m., It’s Park Kyung-rim” (translated title) and opened up his mind and gave his thoughts on the popular TV series.

When asked which co-star was the most friendly and which one was the most charming, Kim each picked Park Shin-hye and Krystal to answer the impish question.

“Park Shin-hye felt almost like having the same sex with me. I’m not telling that she actually felt like a man but she made me feel that much at ease. She was always lively and good at taking care of the staff,” Kim admired the Hallyu queen.

About the most charming girl in the TV teenage romcom, Kim explained jokingly that, “Every filming staff members loved Krystal. When Krystal takes on her scene, many people hanged around there. But when it was my turn to filming, they went to use the bathroom or something.”

When the show’s host Park closed questioning by asking which f(x) member is his ideal type, Kim finally admitted that, “It’s Krystal, because I know her personally. I haven’t seen other members nor have relationship with them.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of MBC