MAX Changmin

Korean idol star MAX Changmin gives an acceptance speech at the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards. [KBS]

K-pop group TVXQ! member MAX Changmin is leaving KBS’s variety show “Cool Kiz on the Block” next week.

MAX Changmin will step off from the sports variety show after his last taping next Wednesday, the KBS show’s promoter Dramatic Talk said on Wednesday.

After the idol star delivered his will to leave the show to focus on activities with his group’s seventh album, the producing crew of “Cool Kiz on the Block” has decided to film the last episode of him.

Starting with the TV show’s first episode last April, MAX Changmin began to appear on the show and received much response with its previous events from table tennis to bowling, badminton and basketball.

With the K-pop star’s leave, “Cool Kiz on the Block” will begin its new episodes with Taekwondo after scouting a new star guest.

The sports variety show featuring a showdown between stars and citizens sports clubs is airing every Tuesday night 11:20 p.m. Korea time.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of KBS