K-pop boy group EXO member D.O. [SM Entertainment]

Rising K-pop boy group EXO member D.O. will soon to start filming his first-ever big screen feature.

D.O.’s debut film “Cart” (tentative title) has finalized its casting boat and is set to crank in this Saturday, aiming at open this year, the movie’s producing firm Myung Fillm said on Thursday.

Along with main actors Yum Jung-ah, Moon Jung-hee, Kim Young-ae and Kim Kang-woo, the idol star will co-star supporting actors Chun Woo-hee of 2012 box office hit “Sunny” and Lee Seung-jun of KBS hit drama “Secret Love.”

In the film about the movement of contract workers who got unfair dismissal from a major supermarket, the main vocalist of EXO takes on a boy named Tae-young, son of veteran cashier Sun-hee, the average yet strong Korean mom.

Produced by veteran film studio Myung Film of box office hits “Forever The Moment” and “Architecture 101,” the film will also start crown-funding its producing budget on Saturday.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of SM Entertainment