From left, Girl group AOA members HyeJung, SeolHyun and Chanmi. [AOA’s official Facebook]


From left, Girl group AOA members Yuna, ChoA, JiMin and MinA. [AOA’s official Facebook]


K-pop girl group AOA has begun their moves to seduce music fans next week.

AOA’s official Facebook page released Thursday the two concept photos of AOA members for their fifth single “Short Skirt” (translated title).

Wearing high kill hills and see-through stockings, the seven AOA members boasted out their shapely legs and suggestive looks in their eyes.

Written by K-pop hit maker Brave Brothers, the upcoming dance tune will feature addictive dance moves to cross their legs, which will be first unveiled through the teaser clip “Short Skirt” tomorrow.

AOA, formed of JiMin, ChoA, Yuna, HyeJeong, MinA, SeolHyun and Chanmi, will release the new single and its music video next Thursday, making comeback performance on Mnet’s music show “M! CountDown” the same day.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of AOA’s official Facebook page