Jung Yoo-mi

Korean actress Jung Yoo-mi. [Management Donghaeng]

Korean actress Jung Yoo-mi has confirmed to take on the lead role of upcoming thriller movie starring actor Jung Kyoung-ho.

An official with Jung Yoo-mi’s agency said that the actress will star in new Korean film “Manhole,” set to start filming next week.

“Manhole” is a thriller movie about sisters who fight for their lives against a serial killer who uses manhole for a method of kidnapping and murdering.

The actress takes on a role as an older sister who jumps into the manhole to save her little sister (Kim Sae-ron of “The Man from Nowhere”), who was kidnapped by the killer.

Jung, 30, also confirmed to take her first-ever voice job in upcoming Korean animated film “The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow,” opposite to Yoo A-in, her co-star in movie “Tough as Iron.”


Jung Kyoung-ho

Korean actor Jung Kyoung-ho. [Fantagio]

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Management Donghaeng, Fantagio