The official poster of singer Kim Hyung-jun's exclusive concert "He, His Story." [S-PLUS Entertainment]

The official poster of singer Kim Hyung-jun’s exclusive concert “He, His Story.” [S-PLUS Entertainment]

Korean singer/actor Kim Hyung-jun is holding a concert next month.

Kim’s agency S-PLUS Entertainment said through a press release on Tuesday that the singer will hold an exclusive concert titled “He, His Story,” marking his 3rd anniversary since his solo debut, in Seoul on February 8.

Kim will sing a duet with SS501 band mate Park Jung-min, the agency added. The star is also revving up to release a new album this year.

Kim, who is currently starring in KBS weekday series “Melody of Love,” is currently on his first-ever South American tour concert in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador.

The 26-year-old star will then provide support for South American children in need by raising funds, which will be delivered to local orphanages by the star himself along with profits from the tour afterwards. He will fly back to Korea next Monday.

Reporter. Euna Lee

Courtesy of S-PLUS Entertainment