Album cover of KARA's Japanese fourth studio album "FANTASTIC GIRLS" [DSP Media]

Album cover of KARA’s Japanese fourth studio album “FANTASTIC GIRLS” [DSP Media]

K-pop girl group KARA’s agency opened up details regarding Jiyoung’s management deal.

KARA’s youngest member Jiyoung, who has mentioned that she wants to pursue her studies abroad during negotiation, will leave the group and agency, DSP Media said through a press release on Wednesday.

Jiyoung will take on plans and schedules under DSP Media until her management deal expires in April, DSP Media added.

With Jiyoung and Nicole leaving, KARA will be a group of three members from April. KARA members Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara have renewed their management deal for two more years with the agency last October.

KARA, debuted in March of 2007, is considered as one of the most successful Korean girl groups that have successfully broken into the Japanese music market. The group released a slew of hit songs including “Pretty Girl,” “Lupin,” “Jumping,” “Pandora” and “Damaged Lady.”

Reporter. Euna Lee

Courtesy of DSP Media