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Korean idol band C-CLOWN members [Yedang Entertainment]

A promotional image for K-pop boy band C-CLOWN's comeback. [Yedang Entertainment]

A promotional image for Korean idol band C-CLOWN’s comeback. [Yedang Entertainment]


K-pop boy band C-CLOWN has established a fan club in Rwanda, making them the first Korean artist to do so, their agency said on Thursday.

Through their Twitter account, C-CLOWN’s agency Yedang Entertainment also announced an event, marking the group’s comeback. Fans from different countries, including Rwanda, Libya, Algeria, Ukraine, took part in the event.

C-CLOWN member Siwoo was quoted in a statement as saying, “I am glad to hear that we have fans in places that I wasn’t really familiar with. We will work harder for more fans. Thank you and I want to congratulate on the peace and economic growth in Rwanda after the civil war.”

C-ClOWN is also garnering fan clubs in Bahamas, Venezuela, Jamaica, Costa Rica and Cote d’lvoire.

The group, who debuted in 2012, will make a comeback next month.

Reporter. Euna Lee domino@tenasia.co.kr

Courtesy of Yedang Entertainment