Korean poster for Walt Disney’s animated film “Frozen” [Walt Disney Studios]

Walt Disney’s animated film “Frozen” debuted at No. 1 on the Korean box office over the weekend, putting an end to the four-week reign of local film “The Attorney.”

The Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) showed on Monday that “Frozen,” loosely based on Hans Chistian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen,” pulled in over 1.03 million viewers between January 17 and 19.

The movie’s triumph comes as no surprise since in the U.S., where it was released last November, it has become Disney’s highest-grossing animated film of all time and was met with much critical acclaim.

And although “The Attorney” was pushed down a slot to second place after selling around 510,000 tickets over the weekend, it managed to surpass the 10 million-viewer mark to become the tenth film in Korean box office history to achieve the feat.

Third on the box office was newcomer “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” a Russian-American action thriller film starring Chris Pine, which attracted over 210,000 audiences, followed by Gong Yoo starrer “The Suspect” with more than 183,000 moviegoers.

Director Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” starring Leonardo Dicaprio, rounded off the top five by selling close to 130,000 tickets.

Other popular films over the weekend included Korean romantic comedy “The Plan Man,” animated epic “Tarzan 3D,” Ben Stiller starrer “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” and new Korean thriller “Murderer.”

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios