Brown Eyed Girls Ga-in, "Truth or Dare"

Teaser image to Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in’s third solo mini-album “Truth or Dare” [A-pop Entertainment]

Girl group Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in will make her solo comeback early next month.

A press release by promoter Fortune Entertainment said on Tuesday that Ga-in will release her third mini-album titled “Truth or Dare” on February 6.

However, she will reveal a song to the upcoming album through various music sites at midnight on January 27, the statement added.

The record will revolve around the outside perception, rumors, and truth about Ga-in as both a female artist and a woman, and is set to contain various genres of songs including pop, rock, and ballad.

Having made her debut as one of the vocalists in Brown Eyed Girls in 2006, Ga-in also pursued a solo singing career starting in 2010 with album “step 2/4” followed with “Talk About S” in 2012.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of A-pop Entertainment