Hot Young Bloods

The main poster for Korean movie “Hot Young Bloods” [Lotte Entertainment]

Popular actor Lee Jong-suk’s new film “Hot Young Bloods” has been pre-sold to three countries, its distributor said on Wednesday.

The film, released in Korea today, was sold to Hong Kong at the American Film Market last November, and recently sold to Singapore and Malaysia as well, a press release by Lotte Entertainment announced.

An official with Deltamac, set to distribute the film in Hong Kong and previously also the distributor for Lee’s last film “No Breathing,” was quoted as saying, “We’re looking forward to ‘Hot Young Bloods’ succeeding in Hong Kong because we’ve seen the potential Lee has as the hottest rising star.”

Lee has been popular throughout Asia for his roles in a number of projects including KBS’s “School 2013” and SBS’s “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

Actress Park Bo-young of box office hit ““A Werewolf Boy” will also star in the movie revolving around the romance and memories of high school students in 1982.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Lotte Entertainment