Korean male group SHINHWA [Shinhwa Company]

Korean male band Shinhwa will hold a concert in March, their agency announced on Friday.

A press release by Shinhwa Company stated that the six-member group will hold the concert to fulfill their promise, made with fans in 2012, to hold an annual concert marking the anniversary of their debut.

However, member Andy will not take part in the event since he is taking time off from all activities after being charged with illegal gambling last November.

An official with Shinhwa Company was quoted as saying, “Due to a certain chain of events, only five of the group’s members will stand on stage for the concert marking the 16th year of Shinhwa’s debut but this definitely does not mean there will be a change in Shinhwa’s members.”

The members of Shinhwa added, “We have yet to decide on when we’ll release our 12th album but we’ll prepare hard for it so that we don’t disappoint fans.”

Just last year, Shinhwa released their 11th studio album whose title track “This Love” took first place on televised music shows a total of eight times, proving their undiminished popularity despite being the longest-running idol group in the K-pop scene.

In the meantime, members Lee Min-woo and Shin Hye-sung are set to release solo albums, Kim Dong-wan will play the main character of musical “Amour” till early March.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Shinhwa Company