Director Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer" Set to Release on August 1

Korean actor Song Kang-ho on the poster for film “Snowpiercer” [CJ E&M]

Critically acclaimed director Bong Joon-ho’s film “Snowpiercer” has been invited to this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.

A press release by CJ E&M on Friday said that “Snowpiercer” will be screened at the Forum section of the 64th edition of the event taking place from February 6 to 16 this year.

The Forum section comprises experimental films from around the world without any restrictions to format or genre and a couple of other Korean films including director Kim Tae-yong’s “Late Autumn” and director Kim Joong-hyun’s “Choked” have been screened in the section in the past.


“Snowpiercer” will be screened on February 7 and 8 and a number of top names from the film, including director Bong, producer Park Chan-wook, and main stars Song Kang-ho, Ko A-sung and Tilda Swinton, will participate in the fest.

“Snowpiercer,” which was released in August of last year, centers on a train and its passengers who are the only survivors on Earth and they believe that the mankind will come to an end if the train stops.

It attracted over 930,000 moviegoers domestically and was invited to several international film events including the 2013 Deauville American Film Festival, 2013 Busan International Film Festival, and 2013 Rome International Film Festival.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of CJ E&M