INFINITE member L [Woollim Entertainment]

INFINITE member L has confirmed his role in his upcoming TV series, the show’s promoter announced on Tuesday.

A press release by 3HW.COM said that L will play the driver and personal assistant of the drama’s main character Cha Jung-woo, the boss of a top IT firm, to be played by actor Joo Sang-wook in “Devious Divorcee” (translated title).

However, L’s character will also have a personal relationship with Cha, being the only soulmate-like person that Cha can talk to and rely on.

Of his upcoming role, L was quoted as saying, “I’m honored to get to work with such great senior actors and I’ll do my best to become a more solid actor through this drama.”

An official with the producing company was quoted as saying, “L will attract viewers as a personal assistant who speaks frankly and interferes with everything Joo Sang-wook’s character does.”

“Devious Divorcee,” set to go on air after current Wednesday and Thursday series “Miss Korea” ends its run this month, will be a romantic comedy, also starring actress Rhee Min-jung, that tells about the realizations a divorced couple have about love and marriage when they re-encounter each other.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment