[PHOTO] KARA Strike Pose Together at Comeback Showcase

From left, K-pop girl group KARA members Jiyoung, Nicole, Gyuri, Sungyeon and Hara [TenAsia/ Gue Hye-jung]

Girl group KARA may continue its activities with its three remaining members or replace former bandmate Nicole and soon-to-depart Jiyoung, the band’s agency said on Wednesday.

An official with DSP Media told TenAsia over the phone that those two are among the “various possibilities in discussion” regarding the future of KARA, considered one of the most successful K-pop girl groups to break into Japan in particular.

The response came after a local media outlet reported earlier in the day that the agency will scout new members to the group in place of Nicole and Jiyoung.

The official also explained, “In the meantime, members Hara, Gyuri, and Seungyeon will focus on their individual activities during the first half of this year.”

Nicole had not renewed her contract with DSP after it expired in mid-January and over the weekend, left for the U.S. to undergo training in order to prepare for her solo career.

Jiyoung, whose contract with DSP expires in April, has decided to leave the group as well in order to pursue her studies and acting.

Reporter. Kim Gwang-kuk
Translator. Jessica Kim
Photographer. Gue Hye-jung