Lee Min-ho

Actor Lee Min-ho [Starhaus Entertainment]

Top Korean actor Lee Min-ho’s agency Starhaus Entertainment will set up shop in China as well, according to the talenthouse on Wednesday.

A press release by Starhaus stated that they will open Starhaus Entertainment China, which will pursue its businesses independent from the Korea office, yet in cooperation with top Chinese entertainment firm Huayi Brothers.

An official with Starhaus was quoted as saying, “Our relationship with Huayi Brothers started for Lee’s concert in China in 2009 and we had maintained a mutually amicable relationship since.”

Lee, who became popular throughout Asia after starring in “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009, is easily considered one of the most popular Korean actors in China.

He has over 10 million followers on his Weibo account and will be the first Korean to appear on CCTV’s annual New Year’s Gala show this year, the most-watched television program in China.

Just yesterday, it was reported that Lee has become the new face of Taobao, China’s biggest online market operated by Alibaba, and recently shot a commercial for the mobile version of it.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Starhaus Entertainment