"Miss Granny"

Poster for Korean film “Miss Granny” [CJ E&M Corp.]

Korean film “Miss Granny” took first place on Korea’s box office over the weekend, dethroning two-time leader “Frozen” by Walt Disney.

According to the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) on Monday, “Miss Granny” drew in over 1.75 million viewers, more than twice the audience compared to its opening weekend two weeks ago.

Accordingly, “Frozen” was pushed down to the No. 2 spot, but followed in close with more than 1.64 million tickets sold.

With over an accumulate six million people having watched the pic since its release in Korea on January 16, “Frozen” has now become the most-watched animated film in the country.

Following in third place was Hwang Jung-min and Han Hye-jin’s drama “Man in Love” which sold close to 342,000 tickets and fourth was Lee Jong-suk and Park Bo-young’s high school film “Hot Young Bloods” with nearly 281,000 viewers.

Hit film “The Attorney” was No. 5 once again, after selling almost 279,000 tickets despite its release six weeks ago.

Other much enjoyed films were Korean comedy action “The Huntresses,” animated film “The Nut Job,” action film “Police Story 2014,” U.S.-France drama “Inside Lewyn Davis,” and U.S. animated movie “Dinotasia.”

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of CJ E&M Corp.