CNBLUE [CNBLUE’s official Facebook page]

Rock band CNBLUE will make a comeback to the local music scene for the first time in a year, their agency announced on Wednesday.

A statement by FNC Entertainment stated that the quartet will release what will be their fifth mini-album sometime this month.

The statement also added that all the tunes to the album will be written and composed by the members of CNBLUE themselves.

CNBLUE’s last release was “Re:BLUE” in January of last year and since then, they had gone on tour around the world, performing in 14 countries including those in Asia and South America.

They also pursued activities individually with members Jung Yong-hwa, Kang Min-hyuk, and Lee Jung-shin appearing in dramas “Marry Him If You Dare,” “The Inheritors,” and “Sword and Flower,” respectively. Member Lee Jong-hyun formed a project duo named Romantic J with singer Juniel and released a digital album.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of CNBLUE’s official Facebook page