Lee Jong-suk

Actor Lee Jong-suk [Wellmade Entertainment]

Actor Lee Jong-suk has decided to star in an upcoming medical melodrama, according to his agency on Wednesday.

Wellmade Entertainment said through a press release that Lee will appear in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama tentatively titled “Doctor Stranger” that is set to premiere in April.

The series will revolve around the life of Lee’s character named Park Hoon, a genius doctor and North Korean defector, who gets to work at the top hospital in South Korea.

In the statement, Lee was quoted as saying, “I’m very excited and looking forward to playing Park Hoon who is a very attractive character.”

Actor Park Hae-jin, who had decided on his appearance in the show two weeks ago, will also play a doctor.

The drama itself will be helmed by Jin Hyuk, who has produced a number of top dramas including “Princess Prosecutor,” “City Hunter,” and “Master’s Sun.”

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Wellmade Entertainment